Secret Santa 2015: List of the gifts already delivered

This page features the links to all the gifts already posted. Please, check it if you want to see the new ones or if you are waiting to receive yours. Remeber to greet your Santa! Thanks to everyone! <3
(Recipients are listed in alphabetical order.)

Recipient: Ana
Santa: Dan
Link to Ao3: Home is Where You Are (fanfiction, PG-13, online relationship) NEW

Recipient: Aph-Germany
Santa: Valzilla
Link to Ao3: Sailing on Love (fanfiction, PG, pirate AU) NEW

Recipient: Ashley
Santa: Aph-Germany
Link to tumblr: Amor Aeternus (fanart, G, historical AU, inspired by the homonymous fic) NEW

Recipient: Cicely
Santa: Cyuubi
Link to tumblr: a ‘meet-the-parents’ kinda thing with Austria and Hungary (fancomic, PG) NEW

Recipient: Chibimeli
Santa: Ashley
Link to tumblr: GerIta foam (fancraft, G) NEW

Recipient: Cyuubi
Santa: Mudalivia
Link to Ao3: Third Time’s the Charm (fanfiction, G, coffee shop AU) NEW

Recipient: Dan-e
Santa: Cicely
Title: to be held is the most honorable psalm (fanfiction, NC-17, pwp)
Links: tumblr, Ao3 NEW

Recipient: Fanta
Santa: Megibabe
Link to tumblr: Slippy-slidey (fanart, PG, icescating)

Recipient: HetaMarii-tan
Santa: Mona
Title: Halcyon (fanart, G, fluff)
Links: deviantArt, tumblr NEW

Recipient: Kayla
Santa: Feliciano
Link to tumblr: Angel GerIta (fanart, PG, angel AU) NEW

Recipient: Kira
Santa: Donamoeba
Link to tumblr: Christmas with Mochitalia (fanart, G, mochitalia)

Recipient: Manami
Santa: Kayla
to deviantArt: Germany And Italy As Bunnies In Love 1 (fanart, G) NEW

Recipient: Megibabe
Santa: Madi
Link to tumblr: Ugly Sweater Nap (fanart, G)

Recipient: Mona
Santa: Fanta
Link to tumblr: Roommate Squabbles (fanfiction, PG, university/college AU) NEW

Recipient: Mudalivia
Santa: Kira
Title: Together, Forever… (fanart+drabble, PG-13, vampire AU)
Links: deviantart, tumblr, LiveJournal NEW

Recipient: The Amazing Kay
Santa: Tizzy
Link to tumblr: I'll Be Home For Christmas (fanfiction, PG, human AU) NEW

Recipient: TiffanyVargas
Santa: Fukaru
Link to tumblr: A warm night by your side (fanart, G, fluff) NEW

Recipient: Tizzy
Santa: Avandra
Title: Cacciatore (fanfiction, PG-13, mafia AU)
Links to tumblr: ch. 1, ch. 2, ch. 3, ch. 4 NEW
FFnet: Chapter 1

Recipient: Valzilla
Santa: HetaMarii-tan
to deviantArt: Thank you… (fanart, PG) NEW

Recipient: Vyrvat
Santa: HetaMarii-tan
Link to deviantArt: Little cats (fanart, G, nekotalia) NEW

Great job, Santas!!!

Pinch hitters post 2015

Sometimes, some Santa feels like to fill more than one assignment in the same event. There are as well as people that, unfortunately, happen to join an event only after the signing up has closed, but want anyway to give their contribute. If you would like as well to help and make another GerIta fan happy, here the post with all the info!

Being a pinch hitter means that you are offering to complete a gift in the case one of the other Santas should absolutely drop out with their artwork. This could happen suddenly and later in January, but in any case you will always have at least ten days for completing your assignment.

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Beta readers post 2015

Some writers and artist, when signing up, could express the need of a beta reader for their artworks. If you still think you could need a hand for making your gift as better as possible, or if you want to offer your help, here the post with all the info about it.

Beta reading means to offer your collaboration in order to help a writer or an artist with their work, by reading, commenting or pointing up eventual mistakes and potential improvements. Many participants have shown interest into offering their help, so here below the instructions for signing up to it.

You can be a beta even if you didn't take part to the event as a Santa.

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Here below the list of the people that already offered their help, chech this page out, in case.

Name/Username: Manami Isoya
E-mail address you want to be contacted: isoya (dot) manami (at) yahoo (dot) it
Beta for fiction or for art or both? I can beta mainly art. I'm not native speaker, so for fiction a can give suggestions on plots and for basic mistakes only.

Higher ratings you will go with: any rating is okay
Things you won’t likely to be beta for: anything is okay
Genres (preferred ones and not accepted ones): any genre is okay
Anything else you won't do: very complicate grammar and syntax
Things you think you can be helpful with: colours, shapes, coherence
Eventual other notes: for fanfiction, I can't grant my full help for works far longer than 5 000 words, I'm very slow to read and comment. For multichapter, this level can go up to 10 000 word.
Availability: I won't be available on the following dates (Rome time). 12/6-7-8 whole days; 12/9 afternoon; 12/19 morning; 12/24 afternoon; 12/31 evening. Don't worry if I don't reply immediately in these dates, I will do once I can. I will eventually update my availability here.

Name/Username: Avandra
E-mail address you want to be contacted: avinhas2009@gmail.com
Beta for fiction or for art or both? Fiction.

Higher ratings you will go with: I think any rating is okay.
Things you won’t likely to be beta for: Anything is okay.
Genres (preferred ones and not accepted ones): I don't mind the genres. I have my own preferences, but when beta reading it's important to respect the author's work and be objective.
Anything else you won't do: I'd rather beta read something with a believable plot, but since I'm here to help I'm okay with anything.
Things you think you can be helpful with: Grammar and plot consistency.
Eventual other notes: Though I've been studying English for 16 years and I've reached quite a proficient level in this language, I'd still like a native beta reader for my own work -or someone with a C2 level. General proofreading is always welcome, but I'd like someone who could focus on syntax and idiomaticity. I want every sentence to sound natural to a native English speaker, and that's why I might need your help.
Availability: I ALWAYS reply, even if a couple hours later. I'm never free in the afternoon, and on Wednesdays and Fridays I'm busy in the evening until 10 pm - GMT + 1. However, my holidays start on December 18th, so from that date on I'll be free!

Name/nickname: Tizzy
E-mail address you want to be contacted: Buzzbookgirl@gmail.com
Beta for fiction or for art or both? Fiction

Higher ratings you will go with: (G to NC-17) I will beta anything up to 15

Things you won’t likely to be beta for: I don’t mind anything.

Genres (preferred ones and not accepted ones): I’ll beta for any genre, after all, you aren’t writing for me!
Anything else you won’t do: I’m really fine with anything
Things you think you can be helpful with: Indicate here, please, the ones you think are your strong points, and so the specialty you would prefer to help with (for example: characterisation, plot, grammar, style, etc.). I can help with general grammar, as well as making sure your story sounds natural.

Availability: I’ll pretty much always be able to beta, though I likely won’t be able to until after 8 on Tuesdays. I don’t finish school until the 18th, so I’ll be completely free then!


Signing up post 2015

EDIT: The signups have closed now and all the assignments sent out. Please, check your mail if you signed up, and let me know if you received it or not.
If you didn't join before, you can still apply as:
- Pinch hitter (helping to fill a gift a Santa had to drop out)
- Beta reader (helping a Santa to refine their work)
Thanks! :D
- - - - -

Welcome to Secret Santa Exchange 2015 for the pairing Germany x Italy from Axis Powers Hetalia!

What a Secret Santa is. It is a type of Christmas gift exchange spread in many countries and known with various names, “Secret Santa” is just the most famous. It involves a community of people in which any person is randomly paired to another and can concentrate their efforts to make the best gift possible, as opposed to the usual situation in which anyone should provide for a lot presents (one for each friend). In this way anyone is sure to receive a gift. Another characteristic of this usage is that the recipient won’t know who will bring the gift (the Santa, indeed) until the moment of the delivery, so you will need to keep it like a secret that far, like the name says.

The Gertalia Secret Santa. In this peculiar case, the exchange is centered on the couple Germany and Italy, either being their canon versions, their nyotalia ones, Chibitalia x HRE, nekotalia, mochitalia, 2ptalia, World Academy, Cardverse, AU, etc… or really anything that your creativity is up to. You could request for the presence of other pairings, but the main focus must be Germany and Italy.
You can request and create (according to the request received) both fanfictions, fanarts, fancomics, craftworks, or other types of artworks, anything that inspires you, I think the spirit of this usage is to stupefy and make your recipient happy by using your best skills and all your love for this pairing!

For signing up: 11/27/15. (It will be used the time of Midway Atoll.)
For posting: from 12/24/15 to 01/01/16. (Contdown to January 1st using time in Berlin.)

Assignments: they will be sent you in two days by the closing of the sign-up.

Requirements. All the works must appear like a complete piece, at least 900 words for fanfictions and a refined result for fanarts. If you want to post multichapters, you can have an extension of the deadline until the 01/10/16, but you need to have 2/3 of the work already posted for the 01/01/16.

Eventual dropping out. In the case you couldn't complete your artwork for any reason, please, don't worry and let us know about it as soon as possible, so we can look for a pinch hitter. The pinch hitter would receive the prompts that have been not filled by the artist that dropped, in order to fill one of them. It is important that anyone can receive their gift.

For delivering the gift. This year the event will run mailny on Tumblr, but you will be able to post even on this LJ comm., on Dreamwidth, and on DeviantART (and there is also a collection on AO3); you can anyway take part even if you don’t have any account on tumblr, we will post your artwork on there or a link to your site, if you prefer (just be sure that your post is not locked so that all the users can see it). You will be free to post your work on more than one site, even not listed above, all the work will be listed in a post here and one on Tumblr.

For signing up. Please, copy/paste the following form for replying to the questions, and once it is filled post it like a comment to this post (the comments are screened).

Name or nickname:
E-mail address (where you want to receive your assignment):

Sites you are most active on. Please, indicate the URLs of your favourite, at least one.
Eventual others:
Be sure to have your inbox open on the site you indicate for the period of the exchange, if not, indicate the best way to eventually contact you for the delivery, please:


You would prefer to make fanfic, fanart, fancomic, craftwork, or other type of fanworks? Or more than one option?
Highest rating you will work with (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17):
Things you don’t want to do (for example: characters, pairings, genres, scenarios, Germany=HRE):

Would you offer to be a beta for another work? If you would, fic or art or both?
Do you think you will need to be assigned a beta for you work?

Would you pinch hit if another Santa should drop out?


Things that you DON’T want in your gift
(for example: characters, pairings, genres, scenarios, Germany=HRE):
You would prefer to get fanfic, fanart, fancomic, craftwork
, or other type of fanworks? Or more than one option?
Highest rating you go with (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17):
You prefer country names, human names, or indifferent:
Please, indicate two up to four prompts. Anyone of them will define a different gift your Santa will have the chance to choose and fill; in order to give more ways, at least one must be fanfiction or fanart (when not indifferent). Here you can give description of what type of artwork you want, what you would like to happen in it, who should top, etc. Being detailed or vague in the indications is up to you.
1 –
2 –
3 –
4 –

If you want, you can spread the news on tumblr and telling your friends from other sites. ^o^

If LJ should tell you the message you left for signing up is spam, don't worry, I probably received it the same. To be sure, feel free to leave me a PM or sending an email to isoya (dot) manami (at) yahoo (dot) it, indicating the name you used for signing up. Thanks and sorry for the matter.

If you have any questions, you can ask here.

Once you have done, you will just need to wait for a mail with your assignment and instructions for posting, but there will be anyway other posts here and on the other sites.

Secret Santa 2014: List of the gifts already delivered

This page features the links to all the gifts already posted. Please, check it if you want to see the new ones or if you are waiting to receive yours. Remeber to greet your Santa! Thanks to everyone! <3
(Recipients are listed in alphabetical order.)

Recipient: Aloof
Santa: OwynSama
Link to tumblr: Poison Pasta Sausage!! Ger ♥ Ita!! (fanart, G, crossdress)

Recipient: Angela
Santa: Rachel Anon
Link to tumblr: Germany and Italy kissing under mistletoe. (fanart, PG)

Recipient: APH-Germany
Santa: Aloof
Link to tumblr: The King and His Jack (fanart, PG, fluffy, Cardverse)

Recipient: Azurecerulean
Santa: Mudalivia
Link to Ao3: Trento (fanfic, NC-17, nyotalia)

Recipient: Cee
Santa: Madi
Link to tumblr: Weihnachtszeit (fanart, G)

Recipient: Curreeus
Santa: Kay/estehtarik
Link to tumblr: When your hero is clingy (fanart, G, Legend of Zelda AU)

Recipient: Ember
Santa: Elena
Link to tumblr: Lascia Che Ti Bacio (Let Me Kiss You) (fanart, G)

Recipient: emsiecat
Santa: Tassledown
Link to Ao3: A Better Time of Year to Ask (fanfic, R)

Recipient: Fillie
Santa: Scandinavian Pleather
Link to tumblr: Germany and N.Italy cuddling on a couch (fanart, G)

Recipient: frodolass
Santa: Slashmarks
Link to AO3: Exceptional Diplomatic Relations (fanfic, T, OC!Lombardy)

Recipient: italove
Santa: Ember
Link to ff.net: Who needs plans when it’s Christmas (fanfic, PG)

Recipient: Kay
Santa: Fillie
Link to tumblr: Drums and Guitars (fanart, G)

Recipient: kiramaru7
Santa: salmagundi_fic (tumblr blog)
Link to tumblr: Melted Ice Cream (fanart, G)

Recipient: Madi
Santa: kiramaru7
Link to deviantART: The Christmas Party (fanfic, PG-13, Prussia, Spamano, FraJoan, former HunAus)

Recipient: Maggie Hugs
Santa: Natalie
Title: Something About December (fanfic, PG, fem!Italy)
Links: deviantART, tumblr

Recipient: Mallardaise
Santa: Megibabe
Link to tumblr: Baking fun (fanart, G, fem!Italy)

Recipient: Megibabe
Santa: zazial
Title: Unity (fanfic, R, Harry Potter AU)
Links: AO3, ff.net

Recipient: Mélissa
Santa: Azurecerulean
Link to Ao3: Enthralled (fanfic, NC-17, slave!GerIta)

Recipient: Mona
Santa: Chibimeli
Link to tumblr: GerIta Xmas (fanart, G, Gakuen Hetalia)

Recipient: Natalie
Santa: Mona
Link to tumblr: Sweater Weather (fanart, G)

Recipient: Nebesa
Santa: Dara
Link to tumblr: Christmas at Germany’s (fanart, PG)

Recipient: Rachel
Santa: Nebesa
Link to deviantART: Sunset (fanart, PG, HRE)

Recipient: Scandinavian Pleather
Santa: Mallardaise
Title: The End of Term (fanart, G, Gakuen Hetalia)
Links: tumblr, deviantART

Recipient: Slashmarks
Santa: cicely bigenderfeliciano
Title: Permission (fanfic, NC-17, Itager BDSM)
Links: tumblr, AO3, ff.net

Recipient: Sydney
Santa: Maggie
Link to tumblr: The Adventurer and the Blacksmith (fanfic, PG-13, Hetalia Fantasia)

Recipient: Tammydy
Santa: Valzilla
Link to Ao3: Stereotypes (fanfic, NC-17, fluff)

Recipient: Tassledown
Santa: Curreeus
Link to Ao3: Stalingrad (fanfic, R, H/C, war)

Recipient: Valzilla
Santa: italove
Link to tumblr: The First of Many (fanfic, PG)

Recipient: zazial
Santa: kiramaru7
Title: After the Game (fanart, G, football/soccer)
Links: deviantART, LiveJournal

Great job, Santas!
♥ ♥ ♥
itamochi softest

Secret Santa 2013: Rules for posting on the various sites.

This entry contains all the info for posting (and, if you want, cross-posting) and receiving your gifts on the various sites. Please, note that posting on more than one site is overly welcome, let's spread the Germany x Italy love! ♥

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If you have any kind of trouble or doubt about posting, please, leave a comment to this post (they are screened), or on the tumblr askbox, or send a note on deviantART if you are logged there. Alternately, don’t hesitate to contact me at the same address: isoya (dot) manami (at) yahoo (dot) it

Secret Santa 2013: List of the gifts already delivered

This page features a list links to all the gifts that have already been completed and posted on the various sites of the event.

Please, when the day will come, check this page regularly and give a big thank to your Santa! <333

Recipient: Amelia
Santa: Patychan
Link to tumblr: A trip to Japan (fanart, PG13)

Recipient: Annanious84
Santa: Kayla
Gift: a winter themed fancomic (PG so far)
Links to deviantART: page1 (ongoing)

Recipient: Chrissie
Santa: GuardianAthens
Link to tumblr: The Jester Wars (fanfiction, R rated)

Recipient: Chrys
Santa: kiramaru7
Title: I can’t explain (fanfiction, PG13)
Links: LiveJournal, Archive of Our Own, deviantART

Recipient: Clara
Santa: kiramaru7
Title: That’s Amore! (fanfiction, R18)
Links: LiveJournal, Archive of Our Own, deviantART

Recipient: Consuelo
Santa: Amelia
Link to tumblr: Lost In Time (image editing, G, HRE)

Recipient: Eggywig
Santa: kiramaru7
Title: Hot one (fanfiction, R)
Links: LiveJournal, Archive of Our Own, deviantART

Recipient: emsiecat
Santa: badgers (Clara)
Link to tumblr: a fanfiction involving Christmas dorks (rating G)

Recipient: GuardianAthens
Santa: HoneyRey
Link to tumblr: Tied together (fanart, PG, nekotalia)

Recipient: Hikari-Kaitou
Santa: StarrDust
Link to deviantART: Foxtrots and Friulano (fanfiction, G)

Recipient: HoneyRey
Santa: Aloof
Title: The best KISS ever? (fanfcomic, PG-13, complete)
Links: tumblr (with omake), deviantART (page 1, page 2)

Recipient: Jude
Santa: Rachael
Link to tumblr: In a quiet meadow (fanfiction, NC-17)

Recipient: Kayla
Santa: Spork
Link to tumblr: Poor Lutz (fanart, PG, 2p)

Recipient: Kiramaru7
Santa: Annanious84
Link to deviantART: Romantic Like The Movies (fanfiction, R18)

Recipient: Layla G.
Santa: Sinnovedades
Link to deviantART: Italy and Germany are drunk at a party (fanart, PG13)

Recipient: NumbedSilence (Lou)
Santa: badgers (Clara)
Titolo: this he remembers (fanfiction, G, HRE)
Links: tumblr, Archive of Our Own

Recipient: Patychan
Santa: Volverinka
Link to deviantART: a Christmas themed fanart (rating G)

Recipient: Rachael
Santa: Layla G.
Link to tumblr: Cute Sleepy Cuddles (gif, PG, fem!Italy)

Recipient: Sinnovedades
Link to ff.net: Of Blanket Forts, Marriage, and Awkward Germans (fanfiction, PG-13)

Recipient: Spork
Santa: kiramaru7
Title: Midnight Snack (fanfiction, R, food porn, fem!Italy)
Links: LiveJournal, Archive of Our Own, deviantART

Recipient: starrdust411
Santa: kiramaru7
Title: The Tale of the Pizzeria Princess and the Baker’s Son (fanfiction, PG13, human!AU, fem!Italy)
Links: LiveJournal, Archive of Our Own, deviantART

Recipient: Whimshy
Santa: Chrys
Link to tumblr: Winter Christmas fun time! (fanart, rating G)

Great job, Santas!

itamochi atmosphere

For your questions!

Here you can post your questions, they are screened.

If you prefer, there are other options for your questions:
- the ask box on tumblr;
- for deviantART users, sending a note here;
- by contacting me via PM on LJ, or directly by e-mail: isoya.manami (at) yahoo (dot) it

In any case, leaving your question by commenting on this post is always the quicker way to get an answer.

All the questions will be put in this post once they get a reply, so check below the cut before asking, you could already find a reply to what you would like to know.

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